Reprise (2006) Film. Director : Joachim Trier

Originally constructed tragicomic and occasionally satirical story surprises right to the end. Norwegian Oscar submission is about the pitfalls of young, ambitious writers. A precise yet playful character study, inspired by the nouvelle vague and filled with punk music.

Erik and Philip are best friends and both want to become writers. When Erik’s manuscript is refused by the publishers while Philip is eagerly welcomed as a young star in the literary firmament their young dreams clash with reality. The successful Philip ends up in a psychiatric institution and stops writing. Erik continues his struggle for literary recognition. This paradoxical result acquires a humorous form in Reprise, the Norwegian Oscar submission. It is a debut that lets go of conventional narrative structures and for a long time surprisingly leaves a variety of plot developments open. Joachim Trier, obviously inspired by the nouvelle vague and films like Jules et Jim by Truffaut, looks with equal amounts of humour and sympathy at the vulnerable world of young people who want to transcend the predictability of daily routine with their creativity. At the same time he shows how few youthful plans are rewarded with life into adulthood. Against the background of a Norway full of punk music, the transition rites of Erik and Philip acquire unsentimental topicality. How can the two writers guard their own idiosyncrasy in a society that does not always want to recognise their merits? –IFFR

Oslo, 31. august (2011) Film. Director : Joachim Trier

Anders will soon complete his drug rehabilitation in the countryside. As part of the program, he is allowed to go into the city for a job interview. But he takes advantage of the leave and stays on in the city, drifting around, meeting people he hasn’t seen in a long while. Thirty-four-year-old Anders is smart, handsome and from a good family, but deeply haunted by all the opportunities he has wasted, all the people he has let down. He is still relatively young, but feels his life in many ways is already over. For the remainder of the day and long into the night, the ghosts of past mistakes will wrestle with the chance of love, the possibility of a new life and the hope to see some future by morning. –Cannes Film Festival


One day in the life of Anders, a young recovering drug addict, who takes a brief leave from his treatment center to interview for a job and catch up with old friends in Oslo.(Imdb)