Un monde sans femmes (A World Without Women) (2011) Film. Director : Guillaume Brac


A small sea resort of the coast picarde, last week of August. By handing over  tthe keys of an apartment for rent, Sylvain gets acquainted with two attractive young women. The ideal opportunity to go out if only for a few days in a solitary life in which women are desperately absent. Very quickly, Sylvain makes himself indispensable to his new friends. But things get complicated when the feelings and especially Gilles, a local womanizer without any scruples, come to get involved..


Patricia and her daughter Juliette have rented a cottage in a lazy, beachfront town. Both of them play a back-and-forth emotional tease with Sylvain, the flat’s schlubby proprietor, and the resulting psychological effects on all parties are explored with subtlety and impressive acting. (Mubi)