Paperman (2012) Animation Short Film. Director: John Kahrs


An animated short that follows the story of a lonely young man in mid-century New York City, whose destiny takes an unexpected turn after a chance meeting with a beautiful woman on his morning commute. Convinced the girl of his dreams is gone forever, he gets a second chance when he spots her in a skyscraper window across the avenue from his office. With only his heart, imagination and a stack of papers to get her attention, his efforts are no match for what the fates have in store for him. (Imdb)

La luna (2011) Animation Short Film. Director : Enrico Casarosa


A fable of a young boy who is coming of age in the most peculiar of circumstances. Tonight is the very first time his Papa and Grandpa are taking him to work. In an old wooden boat they row far out to sea, and with no land in sight, they stop and wait. A big surprise awaits the little boy as he discovers his family’s most unusual line of work. Should he follow the example of his Papa, or his Grandpa? Will he be able to find his own way in the midst of their conflicting opinions and timeworn traditions? (Imdb)

Cat Shit One (2010) Animation Short War Film. Director : Kazuya Sasahara


Botasky and Packy are private contractors, working in the Middle East, with support from a distant helicopter-mobile base. Their jobs are as “sniper” and “spotter”, although in this case the spotter seems to be the leader of the team. Their assignment is to extract two captives, an ally, and a local. The characters are 1. Rabbits (contractors), and 2. Camels (locals). Rabbits seem to have been chosen due to the Japanese word for Rabbit is Usagi, which can be interpreted to be U.S.A. GI. The Team must interpret the situation, and decide whether to extract the victims themselves or wait for further support. Things seem to be moving rapidly in a negative direction, so the Team elects to split up, and do the extraction themselves. They split up, with Packy going into a village to locate and pull the victims out, and Botasky providing over-watch and sniping support. The fighting is rapid, and smooth, with Packy showing a great deal of speed and agility. The sniping is rapid and smooth. Packy’s weapon transfers are perfect. His shooting is controlled and precise, no wasted spray and pray mag dumps. The enemy gets ground support, which complicates things, Botasky is located and shut down as a sniper, and the rescue seems to be compromised, until the Team gets it’s own Air Support. (Imdb)

Le Marin masqué (The Shady Sailor) (2011) Short Film. Director : Sophie Letourneur


Laetitia and Sophie leave for weekend in Brittany, in Laetitia’s home town, Quimper. Their stay is rhythmed by pancakes, strolls on the beach and going out at night to laChaumière, reappears the face of the masked sailor, Laetitia’s youth love.

Je sens le beat qui monte en moi (Beauty and the Beat) (2012) Short Film. Director : Yann Le Quellec


Rosalba, a young tourist guide, suffers from a strange ailment: the very least melody sets off in her gesticulation and she beings to dance, as suddenly as uncontrollably. Despite her ruses to hide her eccentricity, this uncontrollable body might well seduce her surprising co-worker, Alain..

Oh Willy (2012) Animation Short Film. Directors : Emma De Swaef, Marc Roels


Following the death of his mother, Willy returns to the naturists community where he was raised. Melancholic when facing his memories, Willy decides to run away in the nature where he finds the maternal protection of a big hairy animal..