La spettatrice (The Spectator) (2004) Film. Director : Paolo Franchi

Valeria is a 26-yr-old inhibited and solitary girl. She lives in Turin, Italy, where she works as a simultaneous translator. There are no romantic relationships in her life, but she allows herself one almost ritualistic attachment: that of observing Massimo, a man in his forties who lives in the apartment across the street from her, totally unaware of her. Occasionally, they have a few fleeting encounters – Valeria happens to translate for Massimo at a conference – and eventually something starts growing between them. When Massimo moves to Rome, Valeria’s existence falls apart. On a sudden impulse, she decides to leave Turin and follow him there. In Rome, Valeria soon finds out that Massimo has another woman – Flavia. Valeria causes an “accidental meeting” with her and a certain immediate sympathy between the two women develops, along with a strange mutual curiosity. Nonetheless, their “friendship” is based on subtle betrayals and lies. Flavia in fact uses Valeria’s fragile introversion as a catalyst for the novel she is writing about her late husband. She was close to building up an emotional life with Massimo but now she chooses to go on working on the novel about her dead husband. For Valeria, on the other hand, the older woman becomes the only desperate link between her and the man she is falling in love with. And Massimo finally decides to follow his own romantic dream with Valeria. But Valeria is unable to face a real relationship…(Imdb)