The Mosquito Net (2010) (La mosquitera) Film. Director : Agusti Vila

Maria suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Luis, Maria’s fifteen-year-old grandson, doesn’t say very much either; he shuts himself off in his own silent world to escape his parent’s marital crisis, spending time instead picking up stray cats and dogs off the street. His father, Miguel, wants to put a stop to this eccentric behavior, but his protective mother Alice indulges him. Nevertheless, the animals begin to appear at home in increasing numbers, making life complicated for the family in their flat. (Mubi)

The story of a well situated urban family living under a constant shadow of guilt: the mother feels guilt with regard to her children, the father is guilty because of the home help, and the son feels responsible for all living things, particularly abandoned cats and dogs, which he picks up off the street and then places himself behind a barrier of silence…. Geraldine Chaplin (who plays a silent role in The Mosquito Net) described the film’s screenplay as one of the three best scripts she had ever read. –Karlovy Vary International Film Festiva l(Mubi)