Amintiri din epoca de aur (Tales from the Golden Age ) (2009) Film. Directors : Hanno Hofer, Razvan Marculescu, Cristian Mungiu,Constantin Popescu,Ioana Uricaru

Tales from the Golden Age is an unconventional personal history of the late communist period in Romania, told through its urban myths from the perspective of ordinary people. Comic, bizarre, surprising, these myths drew on the often surreal events of everyday life under the communist regime. Humor is what kept Romanians alive, and Tales from the Golden Age aims to re-capture that mood, portraying the survival of a nation having to face every day the twisted logic of a dictatorship.

Tales from the Golden Age is composed of five short stories – connected by mood, narrative pattern and the details of the historical period: the only car you can see on the streets is the locally produced Dacia, everybody survives by stealing from the state, party orders must be obeyed no matter how illogical or absurd. The people appear grim yet deep inside they are alive, they desire to love and to beloved. —Cannes Film Festival