Turquaze (2010) Film. Director : Kadir Balci


Exploring the lives of immigrants who find themselves torn between two lands and cultures, with roots in neither, this messy, moving and joyous romantic drama introduces a trio of Turkish brothers living in Belgium who redefine family dynamics after their father’s death. (Imdb)

After the funeral of their father in his native İstanbul, three brothers return to the Flemish city of Ghent in Belgium to pick up their lives while their mother remains in Turkey. As minor issues become major crises each has a different way of dealing with the vacuum that the absence of a generation has created. While one plays the dominant father figure and the other does silly things with the wrong friends, the third tries to fulfil his father’s dream: playing the trumpet in a brass band. With its outstanding script, acting and music score mix of old and new, this story of a family torn between two countries and two cultures is an uplifting and heartwarming debut for writer-director Kadir Balcı. —London Turkish Film Festival